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      Simonides fixed a puzzled glance upon Lycon.Followed by Conops, he leaped into Dorions boat, shouting at the top of his voice to the people in the other vessels:

      "Miss Flora?""Now it's but a dream!" said her comforter.

      Who then were they, this chosen band, serenely conscious of a special Providential care? They were the pioneers of that detested traffic destined to inoculate with its infection nations yet unborn, the parent of discord and death, filling half a continent with the tramp of armies and the clash of fratricidal swords. Their chief was Sir John Hawkins, father of the English slave-trade.

      Well then, replied Phanos, you boasted of your travels, Acestor. You must journey farther still. If you dont want to have your hair clipped and become a slave for having your name spuriously inserted on the citizens list, you must leave Athens before to-morrow noon.

      "Any one got a newspaper?" called Hilary. "Steve--yes, let's have a wisp o' that."


      "Strange," sighed the other, "how we can have--at the same time--for the same one--both feelings."


      Lyrcus, with an impatient gesture, said: